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Long time, no read!

I know I’ve been absent for quite some time, but posting without a laptop is…well, not quite possible. Soon I’ll finally have a new one though, and then the blogging shall continue!
(although, I am planning to open a new blog, with nicer pictures, better grammar and less emoticons. Horrible, I know.)

So, have any of you watched The Avengers? Oh, why am I even asking, of course you have!
I, like my entire family, loved the movie, and since my dad especially loved the scenes where Hulk beat up our dear demi gods, I knew exactly what kind of cake I’d make for father’s day.
And here you go πŸ˜€

Puny Gods 8D
(I hadn’t actually planned for Hulk to look so smug, and down at Loki like that…but I like it)


Don’t worry, I didn’t actually throw Loki around like Hulk did, I made the hole with a knife and then gently put him in there.
(that sentence was written to reassure my sister. I really would have loved to do it the Hulk way 8D)

This is how I imagine Thor had landed, after the punch. Gracefully, of course. With his butt in the air, and the cape over his head.

My sister loves Loki (and Tom) and clearly doesn’t share my amusement in torturing that little fondant guy.
I extracted him from the cake with a knife (okay, how weird does that sound?) and put him on her hand, and his lower legs next to him because they’re not actually attached. I really should have taken a picture of that.
She put him on the plate (which isn’t all that better, imo) and I was nice enough to put the spoon next to him. Because it had to be done.

And now the final resting place for Snow White Loki, is a plastic Mon ChΓ©ri box, which my sister will be taking home with her.
The good thing about fondant is that once it really dries, it gets hard as a rock and you can keep it forever and ever.

Until next time, at my new blog!


Fake Blueberry Muffins

•June 5, 2011 • 5 Comments

My dad brought home blueberry yogurt…
I hate blueberry yogurt D:
Don’t get me wrong, I love blueberries, but blueberry yogurt is just disgusting.

But since it was about to expire, and I didn’t want to throw it away, I thought I’d just bake something with it.
And what’s one of the best things you can bake with blueberries? Blueberry muffins, of course *Q*

So I looked up a blueberry muffin recipe (how many times have I said blueberry by now? XD;;), changed it, and voila, yummy muffins! πŸ˜€
Just scroll down for the recipe :3

Awesome colour Y/Y?

And again: awesome colour, yes? 8D

Fake Blueberry Muffin Recipe

1 … yogurt (~180ml)
1 … egg
45 ml … oil (whichever you like to use for baking)
Β½ tsp … vanilla extract
195 g … flour
75 g … granulated sugar
1 tsp … baking powder
Β½ tsp … baking soda
ΒΌ tsp … salt

1. Whisk together the yogurt, egg, oil and vanilla extract
2. In another bowl whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt
3. With a rubber spatula, fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients
4. Evenly fill the muffin cups with the batter
5. Bake at 190Β°C for about 15 minutes

This recipe makes about 7 muffins
(stupid number, I know)

You don’t have to use blueberry yogurt for this, of course.
Just open your fridge, see what you have and use that 8D

Green! Bzzzzz!

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I love colourful hair πŸ˜€
So I’m posting some pictures of my last haircolour, since I’m kinda depressed because my hair’s blonde right now D: (all the colour washed out, and I still need to wait for about a month until I can dye them again -> blue and red, for the Glee concert 8D)

I think I’ll post a history of my haircolours sometimes, but for now, it’s just my St. Patrick’s hair πŸ˜€

My hair was supposed to be in three different shades of green (I got a layered cut, especially for that), but the top colour was more like a dark turquoise, but I didn’t mind much, it still looked awesome πŸ˜€

Yay for Mickey Mouse face masks πŸ˜€

I had half black, half blonde hair before this, and the hairdresser didn’t get out all the black when she was bleaching my hair (I didn’t want to wait any longer and try to bleach it again >-<), so that’s why the left side has a different shade of green than the right.

This is what my hair looked like after washing it a few times XD;;
I had every colour in there, from neon yellow, to white, to orange 8D
I kinda liked it β™₯

My dad’s and my hair 8DDD

My dad actually had purple highlights a few years ago 8D
It was when I wanted to get some colour for the first time, but the purple didn’t show AT ALL (I hadn’t bleached my hair at that time, but the colour was supposed to be for dark hair D:)
So I had purple dye left and didn’t want to just throw it away, so I asked my dad if I could put some of it in his hair, because the purple would surely show up on white hair~
And since my dad is awesome like that, he agreed of course 8D

Lazy post, because I’m…well, lazy

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A lazy, pic heavy post of things I baked recently, but never posted~

Apple Crisp

I had promised my sister to make apple crumble for her, apple crisp isn’t THAT different, so…>w<
The top looks a bit weird, because it was more like a dough than a crumbly topping .o.
It smelled yummy, and as far as I know, tasted yummy as well 8D
(I’m allergic to cinnamon, so I wasn’t allowed to eat it ;A;)

Adorable bowl y/y?


Chocolate and Vanilla Pound Cake

I just wanted to try buttercream…and it was a disaster D:
I really have no idea what I did wrong, but this had to be the suckiest buttercream in the history of icing D:
It looks as if I had used granulated sugar instead of icing sugar and it was just…weird D:
But apart from that, I made my first buttercream rose! πŸ˜€
For my first try, with a sucky buttercream, I think it turned out fine :3
(I didn’t use any food colour for the pink, I just added a bit of strawberry flavour and BAM!, it was pink)


Lemon Sponge Pudding

I’m allergic to Disneyland. And I don’t know why, since it’s like my favourite place on this planet D:
But every time we go to Disneyland, I either get sick a few days before, or while we’re at the park. Or I hurt my feet and/or back. And THEN get sick.

Anyway, like always, I got sick only two days before we were supposed to fly to Disneyland.
And I was home alone.
And miserable.
Anyway, lemons help when you’re sick, because they contain lots of Vitamin C.
Now a normal person would ask someone else to make lemonade for them or something, or quickly make some themself.
Yeah, well, I didn’t, I baked something.
Lemon sponge pudding is absolutely delicious *Q* The top is a lemon sponge cake, and below that there’s lots of lemon curd/pudding~~~ *-*

Eat the cake, before it eats you

•May 5, 2011 • 3 Comments

Today’s my parents’ 31st wedding anniversary! Yay!
I wanted to surprise them with a cake, but couldn’t think of ANYTHING D:
Because I really didn’t want to make another LEGO cake or something patchwork-y.
You know how the 25th anniversary, for example, is the silver one and the 50th the golden one, right? Well, I asked dear uncle Google if there are other names and THIS is what I found (it’s in German). It says ‘lime tree’ next to 31 (although I’m not sure how…accurate this list is, since the next one would be ‘soap’…), so I thought making a cake of a tree would make sense and be nice πŸ˜€
At first I wanted to make a tree trunk with a heart and my parents’ initials carved into it, but then my sister suggested that I could make a tree with a face and with twigs in the shape of a heart (because that’s less clichΓ©)…and so I did πŸ˜€
It turned out to look…a bit creepier than I had planned and sketched, but I still really like it πŸ˜€ (I think it’s my favourite cake so far >w<)

My sister named him ‘Barkie’, just so you know 8D

Yes, the tree is winking at you 8D

I really like his teeth~

I didn’t have a brush (or at least not one I would use for something that’s going to be eaten), so I used a q-tip (a clean one, of course) to colour the eye

This is the first time I put wire into a cake~ I know lots of people use it when making fondant figures, so I thought I’d try it out as well and used it in the branches~ It’s way easier to work this way *-*

See the 31 on the back? 8DD~~~

Barkie in our garden, with money leafs (which my sister lay down with the underside up, don’t ask me why…)
I thought giving my parents 31€ with the cake would be nice

Evil Barkie

Good Barkie

My parents said they would eat him…if he doesn’t eat them first 8D

134…wow, you guys are old!

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365 days a year.
And my parents’ and sister’s birthdays are all in one week -_-
My sister’s and mother’s bday are even on the same day!
Geez >_>

My dad wasn’t here on his birthday, he actually wasn’t even in Austria on that day! D:
He was somewhere in Switzerland, showing off his new awesome bot, which you can see HERE somewhere (just click through the site, he’s got some nice bots :D)
And since he didn’t have time on my sister’s and mom’s birthday either (playing with Lego again, only this time in Austria), we celebrated all their birthdays on the 29th.

I had an entirely different cake planned, which I will still bake one day, but for now, I’m quite happy with this one as well πŸ˜€
It has 3 tiers, the bottom one (yellow cake) is my dad’s, because he loves Lego (you never would have guessed that, right?)
The middle tier (chocolate pound cake) is my mom’s, because she loves everything patchwork and actually makes pretty beautiful patchworks and quilts πŸ˜€ I’m planning to make a blog for her so she can show off her creations~ Look forward to that! 8D
And the top cake (angel food cake) is for my sister because she loves loves loves Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ :3~

Also, I’d like to add that I was in a rush making that cake, that’s why some things didn’t turn out the way I wanted or are incomplete D:

Please ignore the crumbs, I was lazy >w<;;;;

Quick tip for making super easy lego bricks (or the top at least): Just take a lego baseplate, wash it(!), turn it over and roll out the fondant with a rolling pin~ Then just pull off the fondant and cut it the way you want πŸ˜€ Of course the nubs will be a bit smaller than on the actual bricks, but it’s so much quicker than cutting out every single one D:

(gah, you’re not seeing the gaps between the bricks, okay? >-<)
A one minute minifig which kinda ended up looking like a chibi o.o;;

Ignore the holes, that’s where the book was attached to the cake with toothpicks XD;

The ball of yarn was supposed to have fondant strings on it, not knife imprinted ones D: But I just didn’t have the time ;A;

I know, I know, the raven looks more like a black canary XD;;;;;
(which made me think of Pavarotti of Glee, which in turn made me think of ‘Quoth the raven “Glitter!”‘ which my sister and I later turned into “Glitter Shorts” and “Eat my Glitter” [yes, we threw some Simpsons in there as well XD;] And Neverotti Glittermore. You really don’t need to get this, don’t worry XD;;;)

Pot of golden fruit loops

•March 18, 2011 • 2 Comments

St. Patrick’s Day! πŸ˜€

Other than dyeing my hair green especially for this day, I also made a cake!
‘Leprechauns’ was the first thing that popped into my head.
Leprechauns are small. Blaine is short. See the connection? 8D
Also, if I remember correctly, Darren’s dad is Irish, or has Irish ancestors at least, so it fits even better πŸ˜€
(= Kiss me, I’m half Irish)

I really wanted Kurt to be on the cake as well, so he’s the rainbow 8D (you know, the one you follow so you’ll find the pot of gold [/fruit loops])


Yes, I am obsessed with Glee, SUE (ahahahaha) me!

I had a little help from a friend this time (the one I made the Shinhwa cake for :D)
She baked the cake with me, and to show that she actually helped making the cake, she also made a fish out of fondant (everyone calls her Fishie) to put on the cake 8D (I told her to)

The cake is a chocolate pound cake with strawberry jam πŸ˜€ Awesome for carving, yummy as well :3~

*Plays the Jaws’ theme in the background*